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January 5th was National Bird Day

How can you help protect birds?

  • Make your windows safer by installing screens and used colored paper, etc. to reduce reflections.
  • Keep your cats indoors.
  • Reduce turf grasses and plant native plants including those that attract pollinators to increase food sources and shelter.
  • Avoid pesticides.
  • Encourage your cities and neighbors to plant more trees and shrubs, especially in areas that may have less green space.
  • Join organizations such as the Quad City Audubon Society. Quad City Audubon and Nahant Marsh offer in-person and virtual programs on birds.
  • Join a Quad City Audubon field trip and visit some of our many local parks and wildlife refuges. Learn more at
  • Did you know that birds eat 4/5 of their weight each day? Feed the birds!

Information taken from UUCQC Environmental Justice Team

Pine Cone Bird Feeder